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Saturday, July 02, 2022

The biggest problem faced by companies that will participate in foreign tenders is that all documents and drawings are written in foreign languages. Especially, it is very difficult to correctly translate all the texts and file names in files that come in formats such as pdf, dwg, excel, word, powerpoint, xps, dwf. Anything that is not understood or expressed incorrectly can lead to surprises after the tender.


One thing that should not be forgotten is that the free translation service offered by translation services such as Google Translate and the paid service they offer on Google Cloud do not provide the same technical translation. That's why our company prefers Google Cloud translation service.



Sites that offer free services online :

  • They translate files one by one, it is impossible to translate thousands of different files one by one in large projects,
  • Max file size is 10 MB, mostly technical drawings are single layout and the size is over 10 MB, they cannot be splitted into smaller files and translated.
  • In addition, you need to find a real addressee to correct the problems and explain your problem. For example, the technical term "As-Built" used in the construction industry is translated as "As-Done" by translation sites. This term may be considered strange because it does not have a real equivalent. When you report such situations, 1000s of changes can be made instantly by producing solutions for them. Since you cannot find an interlocutor on online sites, you do not have such a chance.

With the special software we have developed, all your documents such as pdf, dwg, dxf, dwfx, xlsx, docx, pptx, xps (AutoCAD, PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint) can be translated precisely into the language you want. There are no forgotten and not translated objects left in between. Regardless of your sector, law, health, engineering, economy, political, military ..., we translate all kinds of documents within hours and facilitate your work.

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PDF Translation Examples:

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DWG Translation Examples:









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