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Saturday, July 02, 2022
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    Professional Software Services

    With our expert engineers, we can provide you all kinds of technical software
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    Macro, plugin, VBA, VSTO, .NET software

    Writing plugins and adons for Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Excel, SolidWorks, Word, Access and making them fully custom for your specific jobs.
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HVAC Offer and Cost Estimation Software


We signed the air ducts order and cost analysis software agreement for Himtes Ventilation, one of the biggest air duct manufacturers and corporate companies in our country.

VSTO technology, which is the latest technology, and the software to be written as Excel-based, have been completed and delivered within 1 month and used as a system. Himtes, such as the standard, error-free, automatic and systematic order forms of the products in the manufacturing catalog, by the whole staff, has entered this search for cost analysis and has selected our company as a result of research.

All kinds of offer and cost analysis, according to the desired commission rate, offering the labor cost, material cost, paint, insulation, gasket, manufacturing equipment, material needs, such as all the data to the finest detail to the software, offering the company in a professional manner in minutes. With the next software that will be prepared and distributed to customers, it will be possible to prepare instant bids with just one touch.

You can contact us for any kind of drawing, design, calculation, analysis and special software needs.


Construction QTO & BOQ and Breakdown Software


One of the most well-known and respected companies in the market for approximate cost, reconnaissance and qto, the Building Metrics, Discovery and Analysis software for IMT Engineering was completed.

The program manages AutoCAD and Excel programs in a coordinated way and automatically prints the metadata in AutoCAD to Excel. It allows to prepare wall meters, area, environment, roof calculations, door, window, concrete, formwork and reinforcement (iron), ... accounts easily from drawing. Not only net values but also gross details of all the details, doors, windows, columns, ... minarets, all of these dimensions were written in detail and in a way that the people who examined it could easily understand what was coming from.


Read more: Construction QTO & BOQ and Breakdown Software

Building Earthquake Strengthening Drawing Software



Asplan Architecture and Engineering Ltd. Sti. Our first software work has been completed successfully and the company has already done its work in 1 week. After this successful work, we signed the contract for building and building strengthening drawing and meter software which will be our second software work together.

Empowerment is an application that will revise the structure and give life to the structure. Most of the existing buildings are not built according to the current conditions. Most of the existing buildings have not been constructed according to the conditions on which they were built. Significant reductions in earthquake load bearing forces may have occurred due to the effects of time or earthquakes.

This reinforcement application involves very time consuming and laborious drawing processes. At this stage, we enter the course and follow the work done by the company, by doing feasibility studies accordingly, by improving the optimum result, both the company's work performance up to 10 times the increase, as well as providing a pleasant and error-free working environment.

The software is written to work under the GstarCAD program, which is the more economical CAD solution that our customers use.

The first module of the program, the anchor drawing part was completed and delivered.

If you want to be ahead of your business, not a step ahead, we are always at your service with our expert engineer developers to develop custom Excel and CAD software for your business.


Waste Water Surveying and Discovery Software



We completed and delivered waste water, rain water, infrastructure metering and exploration software for Asplan Architecture and Engineering.

The program was developed in a matter of seconds to complete the survey and exploration works. It also offers the possibility to make an exploration without error.

The program scans the wastewater and rainwater projects drawn in AutoCAD, extracts the quantities of parcels and parcels for chimneys, chimneys, excavations (according to the excavation class and excavation slope), filling, calculating the volumes of grobeton, as well as channel excavation, filling, pipe It takes the exposure lengths and all other desired production metrics in detail to Microsoft Excel and automatically performs the exploration and pricing works without the need for a separate cost software.

Please contact us for your specific software requests.



NZN Atıksu, Yağmur Suyu, Kanalizasyon Metraj ve... paylaşan: nznbilisim

Factory and construction sites coordination software


We have signed the 2nd special software contract for IMT Engineering. We have started the factory production, sales, inventory, dispatch / receipt, invoice tracking module software which is the 1st module of the program. The program is written as Excel add-in at the request of our client.

Besides the error-free operation, the first module of the software, which will provide a significant reduction in man-month time spent on these tasks, was written and delivered in Microsoft Visual Studio software and in Visual Basic .Net language.


Camshaft drawing and grinding software for Estas



Estaş A.Ş., one of the biggest camshaft manufacturers in Turkey and in the world, produces camshafts of almost all vehicles in the market. We have completed the camshaft drawing software.

The program works in AutoCAD. Cam profile angles, opening and closing values, cam circle diameter directly from the selected Excel file and automatically takes the drawing within 1-2 seconds.

Thanks to its convenient interface, the folder containing the files is easily selected and the Excel files in the folder are automatically listed. When you click on any Excel file, the Excel sheets are immediately listed.

The user only needs to select the Cam type (flat-end or round-ended), if the scratched wedge is to be given a 3-D extrusion, giving an extrude thickness and pressing Draw. All values ​​will be taken automatically from the Excel file and the drawing will be completed immediately without error.

It can calculate and modify the profile values according to a different grindstone diameter from the clients requested size. That way the user do not have to change the stone each time. Especially the stone gets smaller in each grind, the user can calculate and transform the profile values of the cam according to the current diameter each time and can use the stone until its EOL.

The difference of the program from the programs already doing in the market; It is designed to draw a table quickly and accurately according to the profile values ​​requested by the client. It also works as a macro in AutoCAD, eliminating the need for another program.

In addition, a new tab we have added to the program successfully makes the grinding accounts. In this way, the straight end, the round end can be converted between different diameters. In addition, pump cam drawing is done in seconds.



Deriner Dam Arch Body Design & 3D Geometry Software



We completed the software which will be used in the preliminary works of Deriner Dam which is the third biggest arch dam of the world (by year 2001) and will make the body drawings and calculations during the construction. Deriner Dam Arch Body; It is a structure consisting of double curvature, 253 m high, 720 m crest length and 3.5 million m3 concrete volume, upstream surface is one and downstream surface is composed of 3 different parabola.

Since the calculations and drawings of this structure would be almost impossible to do manually, a drawing program that would naturally be used both in preliminary work and in the construction phase was needed.

A new program has been written into the AutoCAD program used in the project, so that this program, which is already used and already used in the project drawings, has taken care of all tasks without the need for a separate program.

The program can produce horizontal and vertical sections from any part of the body, draw the individual or whole of the body of the body consisting of approximately 2000 bays, place the formworks and provide all necessary data such as length, area, volume and coordinates in a way arranged in Microsoft Excel program. Formwork pre-work was done with this program also.

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