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Saturday, July 02, 2022
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One of the most well-known and respected companies in the market for approximate cost, reconnaissance and qto, the Building Metrics, Discovery and Analysis software for IMT Engineering was completed.

The program manages AutoCAD and Excel programs in a coordinated way and automatically prints the metadata in AutoCAD to Excel. It allows to prepare wall meters, area, environment, roof calculations, door, window, concrete, formwork and reinforcement (iron), ... accounts easily from drawing. Not only net values but also gross details of all the details, doors, windows, columns, ... minarets, all of these dimensions were written in detail and in a way that the people who examined it could easily understand what was coming from.


  • The module, which calculates the space of the space and the wall circles, has been completed. It provides faster, error-free and more enjoyable work than before. In AutoCAD, it has an interface where you can get all the definitions, location descriptions, Window, Door and other manufacturing definitions and measurements from the drawing automatically and all values ​​can be changed manually. Normal quantities are presented on the drawing and the dimensions of the minha products such as Window and Door are automatically taken from the expressions (Text, Dimension, Attribute, Block ...) and the necessary places are filled. In addition, many features such as Layer colors, line thicknesses, Hatch patterns to be used in the description of metadata can be customized. After all definitions are finished, all the productions are extracted in a detailed and annotated format by pressing the Take the Quantity button.
  • The wall module is complete. With this module, different wall sizes are taken according to the wall types selected in the drawing. In addition to the ready-made wall types, the user can also enter the wall type definition he wants. If the wall thicknesses are determined according to the fixed wall thickness, the walls are defined and all analyzes are done by the program.
  • Window and Door modules have been completed. The program automatically takes the height and height measurements from Window and Door expressions on the drawing. In this regard, all types of writing in the market are recognized by the program. The user defines the place of production without falling into the wall. The windows and doors belong to the area and are automatically analyzed by the program. This feature is very convenient for the user and eliminates drawing errors. The same type and the same type of manufacturing are counted and the total quantity is given in the quantity. In addition, the minaret of the productions within the walls are determined and made automatically. Window centers are also available automatically from wall thicknesses.