Estaş A.Ş., one of the biggest camshaft manufacturers in Turkey and in the world, produces camshafts of almost all vehicles in the market. We have completed the camshaft drawing software.

The program works in AutoCAD. Cam profile angles, opening and closing values, cam circle diameter directly from the selected Excel file and automatically takes the drawing within 1-2 seconds.

Thanks to its convenient interface, the folder containing the files is easily selected and the Excel files in the folder are automatically listed. When you click on any Excel file, the Excel sheets are immediately listed.

The user only needs to select the Cam type (flat-end or round-ended), if the scratched wedge is to be given a 3-D extrusion, giving an extrude thickness and pressing Draw. All values ​​will be taken automatically from the Excel file and the drawing will be completed immediately without error.

It can calculate and modify the profile values according to a different grindstone diameter from the clients requested size. That way the user do not have to change the stone each time. Especially the stone gets smaller in each grind, the user can calculate and transform the profile values of the cam according to the current diameter each time and can use the stone until its EOL.

The difference of the program from the programs already doing in the market; It is designed to draw a table quickly and accurately according to the profile values ​​requested by the client. It also works as a macro in AutoCAD, eliminating the need for another program.

In addition, a new tab we have added to the program successfully makes the grinding accounts. In this way, the straight end, the round end can be converted between different diameters. In addition, pump cam drawing is done in seconds.