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Saturday, July 02, 2022
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Asplan Architecture and Engineering Ltd. Sti. Our first software work has been completed successfully and the company has already done its work in 1 week. After this successful work, we signed the contract for building and building strengthening drawing and meter software which will be our second software work together.

Empowerment is an application that will revise the structure and give life to the structure. Most of the existing buildings are not built according to the current conditions. Most of the existing buildings have not been constructed according to the conditions on which they were built. Significant reductions in earthquake load bearing forces may have occurred due to the effects of time or earthquakes.

This reinforcement application involves very time consuming and laborious drawing processes. At this stage, we enter the course and follow the work done by the company, by doing feasibility studies accordingly, by improving the optimum result, both the company's work performance up to 10 times the increase, as well as providing a pleasant and error-free working environment.

The software is written to work under the GstarCAD program, which is the more economical CAD solution that our customers use.

The first module of the program, the anchor drawing part was completed and delivered.

If you want to be ahead of your business, not a step ahead, we are always at your service with our expert engineer developers to develop custom Excel and CAD software for your business.