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Thursday, May 26, 2022


Revit architectural, electrical, mechanical design, clash checking, coordination drawings preparation, family creation works are part of our services with highly expertised staff.


  • We can draw details according to the desired LOD level. (Hanger-Cantilever-Flange etc.)
  • We can apply exactly the same features and details of the devices used to the project. (Air handling units, ventilation equipment, etc.)
  • Accuracy of the diameters according to the AutoCAD drawings delivered to us, we coordinate the project to be delivered by considering the applicability of the project.
  • We check compliance between installations by performing collision checks.
  • We report the material list of the installations drawn in Revit.
  • We create a family according to need. (If there is a specific device specific to that project, we design its 3D appearance and mechanical outputs)
  • We can model architectural and static projects in Revit.
  • We can model electrical projects in Revit.
  • We are designing the detailed drawings of all installations, that is how they will look exactly on the field.
  • For example: If the coupling is to be manufactured in a fire, we design the same way as it will look after the installation after one-to-one installation.
  • For example: We design the trousers or stud details in the duct and the same way as it would look after the installation after the one-to-one installation up to the flanges in the duct.
  • Mechanical room layout and detailing (Drawings of device connections, valves, etc.)






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