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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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NZN Free BOQ Software


The product has been developed to simplify the process of making easy exposure, approximate cost preparation in Microsoft Excel®. The purpose of cost reduction is to edit, formulate and develop this data in Excel, so that it works in a separate program, export them in Excel format, and eliminates all these intermediate missions, such as resuming the remaining operations in Excel, making every step directly in Excel. . Developed with VSTO technology. PRO version housing list, quantity table, pursantaj list, icmal page, over-low ordering of the work order of the list of work items / groups, calculation of the cost of automatic installation material, automatic data retrieval, page opening of each pose, using ready-made templates, preparing exposure analysis, paper sheets It has many features such as creation, tender proposal file preparation, unit price proposal scale, proposal format preparation.

The free version comes with no unit price. When the program is run, such as a link to open a file in the program folder in the unit prices folder, you can provide the opportunity to work with the prices you want.

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NZN MEP Quantity Takeoff & BOQ Software


Have you ever wondered why our customers are getting more jobs from you? Because they increase their chances of getting a job at least 10 times by giving them error-free and correct offers at least 10 times more than you. By making more bids at the same time, they both cut costs much more and eliminate the possibility of loss by bidding without errors.

You learned the reason, if you intend to catch up with them, call now.

It is the only addon for AutoCAD for all kinds of Pipes, Cables, Air Ducts, Radiator, Culverts, Anemostats and all other equpiments quantity takeoff works and BOQ works.

After the software named AHSMET, which was first offered to you in 2005, has received intense interest, we are pleased to offer the latest version of V3, which has been continuously developed as a result of the guidance and requests of our consultants and our customers for years. Our program is equipped with new features every day, a new version is released every week. Now, with 10 new features such as renewed interface, advanced search, automatic block find, attribute extraction, exposure, and pattern-based footage, you will be able to perform both metering and approximate cost operations in AutoCAD effortlessly and easily. The program can be used in any length and quantity, thanks to its infrastructure that is open to privatization.

As an example, consider a pipe going in the same direction, this pipe branches continuously from the separation points and changes to diameter after these branches. But while drawing projects, this line is drawn in one piece and you can see different diameter information after the separation points on it. Installation Metering software first analyzes these joints and separation points and separates the pipes from these places. However, in this way, we may now be able to define our pipe with different diameters.

For the pipe length, all the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization pipe poses were transferred to the program for the user to edit. The user simply selects the type of pipe, the type of insulation, if any, and the type of paint, if any, from the interface of the program. The program automatically handles the rest according to the diameter, the pipe itself, the cost of the mounting material, the insulation exposure and the paint exposure.

A special logic has been created for the other furnishing, it has been created as a database of Microsoft Excel file that can be easily changed by the user, and all furnishings such as valves, grilles, radiators, etc. with all diameter and dimension information have been defined here. The program can scan the project either individually or automatically, taking all these measurements from the project and automatically exposing them. In this way, the program serves every sector. Even in the same sector, there are many different branches, the constant adaptation of all these furnishings to the program prevents the formation of a confusing crowd and the development of the program. In addition, with the advanced placement options, making mistakes is prevented and control flexibility is provided. The user makes the drawing automatically removable by placing the block, furnishing name or diameter information only, placing specially defined symbols.

For air ducts, channel dimension information can be obtained from the drawing in the same way and this information is recorded on the duct lines. The user can select all available channel types as rectangular, circular or flexible. In addition, if the channel selects the isolation type, it automatically performs the isolation exposure. Elbow, reduction separations are made automatically, elbow angles (such as 90, 60, 45, 30, 15), pieces, area and lengths are found automatically. It automatically calculates the channel number according to the sheet thicknesses and channel lengths that can be given according to each size and gives you the sheet thicknesses as an Excel table with a single click.

In all these sections, the user can make different definitions such as different sections and floors within the same project. In this way, it is possible to obtain the quantity of each section separately and in detail based on location. Whether or not every object defined is insulated on the program, the program measures and poses separately with and without isolation. In each separate section, the user can automatically obtain the diameter information from the Text and Attribute objects on the screen, or use the Diameter Selection boxes available on the program.

After the definitions are over, the user can easily check what he is doing from the Filtering tab and that there are no missing sections.

Finally, all you need to do is to press the Export Feature button from the Quantity tab. The program scans the entire drawing, quantifies, exposes and presents you whatever is defined in length and quantity, and provides you with approximate cost.


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NZN Plumbing Drawing Software

We are working on plumbing drawing software in AutoCAD. Once completed, you will be able to handle this painful task in a very simple way.

Working under AutoCAD will eliminate both the cost of additional programs and the problem of switching from program to program and become easy to draw with no user-friendly interface as in our other programs.

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NZN Building, Rough Construction QTO & BOQ Software

Building QTO and BOQ Software has been developed since 2005 with the companies that make the approximate cost professionally. Currently, the cost of discovery, quantity, and service costs are used by companies that offer professional service and have recently been packaged.

With the current version, you can easily calculate Area and Perimeter footprint (floor, floor, ceiling squares, wall areas, door and window minnets), Window and Door meter quantities (all pieces of information in different sizes). format is possible to receive. In this way, the user can easily expose the products such as plaster, paint, parquet, tiles, etc.. The program can be completed in 1 day, normally 10 days.

The program manages AutoCAD and Excel programs in a coordinated way and automatically prints the metadata in AutoCAD to Excel. It allows to easily prepare wall meter, area, environment, door, window and concrete calculations from drawing. Not only net values ​​but also gross details of all the details, doors, windows, columns, ... minarets, all of these dimensions were written in detail and in a way that the people who examined it could easily understand what was coming from.



  • It provides faster, error-free and more enjoyable work than before.
  • In AutoCAD, it has an interface where you can get all the definitions, location descriptions, Window, Door and other manufacturing definitions and measurements from the drawing automatically and all values can be changed manually.
  • Normal quantities are presented on the drawing and the dimensions of the minha products such as Window and Door are automatically taken from the expressions (Text, Dimension, Attribute, Block ...) and the necessary places are filled.
  • In addition, many features such as Layer colors, line thicknesses, Hatch patterns to be used in the description of metadata can be customized.
  • After all definitions are finished, all the productions are extracted in a detailed and annotated format by pressing the Take the Quantity button.

Example of drawing and BOQ output


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