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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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    Professional Software Services

    With our expert engineers, we can provide you all kinds of technical software
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    Macro, plugin, VBA, VSTO, .NET software

    Writing plugins and adons for Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Excel, SolidWorks, Word, Access and making them fully custom for your specific jobs.
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Rönesans Holding


NZN Engineering is the partner of Ronesans Holding in R&D, engineering and software services.

TOKI started using our software

MEP Quantity Takeoff and BOQ software has been confirmed by TOKI (housing development administration of Turkey) and multi-user purchases have been made and started to be used. We have been able to compare the metering and discovery results taken in seconds by our program with very precise construction work carried out manually for months. After long trials, the reliability of the program, the practicality and speed added to the work have been registered by the institution and started to be used within the institution. The program, which was started to be used by the procurement unit first, was carried out by comparative tests and tests and then it was started to be used by mass procurement.




We were with you at the 12th National Installation Engineering Congress held in Izmir on 8-11 April 2015 and the stand 231 at Teskon + Sodex Fair. We had the opportunity to introduce our own developed softwares to the sector representatives at our booth which was attracted by various public institutions authorities, MMO and other room authorities. Detailed information and pictures will be added to our social networks in a short time.


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We have been together with you at the stand no. 123 at Sodex Ankara 2015 Exhibition held in Ankara between 7-10 May 2015. As in other fairs, we became one of the most popular stands in this fair. Follow our social networks for details and pictures.



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